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Sharing access to your Umbler account

At Umbler you can share access to your domains and services with other users, it's very easy :)

In your Control Panel click on Share Access inside your account (top right corner).


Click on Add User


Inform the e-mail address of the person that should receive the share, choose the access level and the services that you wish to share.

Access levels:
Administrator: Has permission to manage and add users to the domain.
Contributor: Has permission to manage the domain but can't manage or add users.
No access: Has no access at all.


All done! if the user is not an Umbler user yet, he'll receive an e-mail with an invitation.

If he already is a user the new domain will be available in his Control Panel.


Even though all services can be shared among different accounts, the financial operations will always be attached to the main account, meaning that top-ups for those services must be made at the main account