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E-mail usage limits

All messages sent through Umbler's servers are scanned by an anti-spam filter, in order to keep our servers safe and useful to legitimate e-mail usage.

Below you can find a table with all the limits set for both individual accounts and domains:

Description Limit
Messages sent through webmail & SMTP*

Per account: 1000 messages sent per day (500 on the trial period**)

Per domain: 2000 on the trial period**

Messages sent through website (PHP or ASP.NET) 100 messages sent.
Maximum number of recipients per message. 100 recipients.
Maximum size of the message (sent). 30 MB (including attachments).
Maximum size of the message (received). 35 MB (including attachments).


There are also limits on the number of active connections to the servers, shown below: 

Description Limit
 Máximum number of active connections from a certain IP (POP & IMAP)  500 simultaneous connections


*Messages sent through SMTP are usually made using mail clients, smartphones, phpmailer, etc. Daily limits are set for a period of time equal to 24hrs, and not by a whole day, per say. A message sent to 10 recipients will count as 10 messages sent.

**Umbler implemented a reliability program for all email products, where all new customers must go through a trial period, click here to know more.