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Updating Wordpress URL or changing the domain name

On this guide we will see the 3 main different methods to update the URL Wordpress uses to access your website.

wp-admin control panel: in this case you need to have access to the admin panel beforehand.

Editing the wp-config.php file: the change is configured directly in the configurations file. Only access to the websites file manager or FTP is needed in this case. Obs: this configuration overrides any other URL configuration.

Database: update the URL directly in the database using phpmyadmin.

Access the wp-admin of your website and go to Settings > General and update the information on the fields WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) and Save.



Open the file wp-config.php and add the following lines at the beginning of the file:.



Access the site's database through phpmyadmin and click on your database's name on the left pane and then click on the wp_options table. On the right pane, update the values on the siteurl and home fields.


Outras opções podem ser verificadas neste link.