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Backing up and restoring a database

At Umbler you can create a restore point for a database with ease, so you can have a backup and restore it at your convenience with one click.

This backup can also be downloaded to your local machine so you can keep a local backup of your data.

Database restore points must be created one at a time.

Creating a database restore point is very simple using Umbler's Control Panel, just go to WebsiteDatabases, and choose Create a new Restore Point for the desired database.


Done! After a few minutes your snapshot should be completed.

The exact time is proportional to the size of the database, usually a 100MB database takes around 5 minutes.

To restore a database go to Restore on the restore point properties.


Very simple, just click on Download on the restore point properties.


Caution: After removal of a restore point, it is impossible to recover its data.

Click on Remove on the restore point properties.