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How to migrate a database between providers

In order to migrate database content from another provider to Umbler we recommend using the tool Goodbye.Host:

Goodbye Host was developed by the Umbler team and it's intended to help in the migration of websites, e-mails and databases between different providers.

To start, open Goodbye.Host and click on Database Migration. You'll need to inform an e-mail address to receive notifications and alerts of the migration process.

Fill in the details for your current provider (Source) and for the new provider (Destination):

After filling in all the information click on Start Migration. Goodbye.Host will migrate all the data and send and e-mail message when done.

For the connection to be successfully established it is very important that the external access is enabled, in both databases.


For SQL Server migration please check out this tutorial.
Also check out how to migrate your e-mails and website.