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How to remove my services

Keep in mind that after removal of the services it is not possible to recover any of the information contained in any of the services.

Remove Website & Databases

At Umbler, removing a website is really simple, just open your Control Panel, and after opening the options for the website go to Remove Website.


Confirm the removal by entering the domain name for the website and clicking on Remove all files and Databases.


Done! the website and its databases have been removed succesfully.

Remove E-mail accounts

At Umbler, removing your e-mail accounts is very simple, just open your Control Panel and go to the E-mail option.


Now, on the e-mail account click on the remove icon (trash can on the right)

After all the e-mail accounts have been removed, the e-mail option will be greyed out from your Control Panel.


Confirm the removal by entering the e-mail adress and click on Yes.


Remove Databases

Removing a database at Umbler is very simple; just open your Control Panel go to the Website section for the domain and under the Database tab highlight the database to be removed and click on the trash icon(Remove).


Confirm the removal by entering the database name and clicking on Yes, I want to delete this database.


Remove a Domain

To remove a domain from the Control Panel remove all of the services created for it.

Domains registered using Umbler won't be removed from your Control Panel, but keeping them with no services won´t use any of your credits.

Cancel Account

To cancel your account, remove all of your services and domains and your account will be removed after a certain period of time due to inactivity, but the e-mail address will be stored.