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Creating a subdomain

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a second website, with it's own content, but there's no need to register it as a new domain. Instead, you use the name of the domain you already own.

For example, in, we use as our subdomain.

Adding a subdomain at Umbler

The proccess of adding a subdomain is the same as adding a domain. You need to inform the name of the subdomain at the +Domain option, switching the prefix www to the name you want, and confirming you are the owner of the domain.


For creating a website, access the option Create website right under the subdomain's name.

On the following screen you can create your website for the related domain, choosing the size of the instance, and the number of instances, escalating both vertically or horizontally.


Click on Finish, after a minute your website should be ready and you'll be able to check out it's dashboard.


DNS configurations

Subdomains are strongly related to DNS configurations of your main domain. If you're using Umbler's NS, then you don't have anything to worry about, everything will be set automatically.

Now, if you're using an external NS for your domain, a new record will have to be created for the subdomain. Details of the record should be as below:

  • Type: A,
  • Name: the name of your subdomain,
  • Point to: the IP address of the website created for the subdomain at Umbler.

Click here if you don't know how to check the IP address of your website hosted at Umbler.

In case you're using Umbler's NS, and want to host a subdomain somewhere else, the process is analog to the previous one. For example, for a subdomain called, the record should look something like this: