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Editing DNS records

All DNS configurations are done in the Domain section, selecting the DNS Editor tab in your Control Panel:


Creating a new DNS record 

To create a new DNS record just select Add on the DNS editor screen: 


Choose the type of record to be created: 

A - Address Mapping  - The record A specifies an IP address (IPv4) for a given host. A records are used for conversion of domain names to corresponding IP addresses;

CNAME - Canonical Name - specifies a domain name that has to be queried in order to resolve the original DNS query. Therefore CNAME records are used for creating aliases of domain names;

TXT - Text records - The text record can hold arbitrary non-formatted text string. Typically, the record is used by Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DKIM to prevent fake emails to appear to be sent by you;

MX - Mail exchanger record - specifies a mail exchange server for a DNS domain name. The information is used by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to route emails to proper hosts.

Now, enter the record name and data and hit Save.

Caution: DNS records when mishandled can leave your services unavailable or with an erratic behavior.

Editing DNS records

To edit a DNS record just click on it. A screen with the record details will be showed and they'll be open for edition:


Caution: Only edit DNS records when sure of the correct configurations. When mishandled, DNS records can leave your services unavailable or with an erratic behavior. 

Restoring the default DNS table

If you want to restore your DNS table to its default, just click on Restore


This procedure needs manual confirmation.


Keep in mind that all customized records previously created will be permanently removed.