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E-mail Terms of Service

Our policies were created to ensure a good experience for all users of our email services. We advise you to check periodically, as policies can be updated. If you have any questions, please refer to our Terms of Service which contain more information.

Spam & Bulk email

Do not use our email service to send spam or any type of commercial mail not previously requested and / or authorized by the recipient, such as customer prospecting emails, for example.

Automation of our email interfaces is not allowed to send, delete, or filter e-mail for the purpose of misleading users.

Your perspective on "unsolicited" or "unauthorized" mail may differ from the recipients'. Be wise when sending an email to a large number of recipients, even if they have already received other messages from you in the past. If a customer marks your messages as spam, they increase the chances that in the future a message you send will be automatically classified as spam by our service.

Creation & use of multiple mail accounts

Do not create multiple accounts to try to circumvent our policies, ignore contracted account limitations, circumvent filters, or disrupt users. (If you were blocked by a user, do not create a new account to do the same activity, for example).

It is also not allowed to create email accounts by automated means, other than those available in our control panel.

Reliability program and usage monitoring

Umbler has a trust process with its email services users, this relationship starts from the correct configuration of the MX and SPF entries. Initially you can send a reduced number of messages, during our evaluation period. After the evaluation period, should no violation of our usage policies described here and / or in the Terms of Service happen, then the limits will be updated to its maximum.

If a practice is identified that goes against our policies described here and / or our Terms of Service, a reduction on the amount of messages allowed to be sent will be automatically applied. Therefore, you will re-enter a period of confidence test, gradually increasing the number of submissions until you return to your contracted account limit. Depending on the situation, we may not provide prior notice prior to removal, and may even remove all content from the accounts involved as well as the accounts themselves. Common sense will be used under these situations. The main objective of the reliability program is to offer the best experience for our users, preventing malicious people from using our e-mail services unduly, thereby compromising the experience of other users of the service.

Any questions about limits, please check our FAQ about email limits.


Do not use our email services to transmit viruses, worms, malware, Trojans, corrupted files or any other items of a deceptive, destructive and malicious nature. The distribution of content that is harmful to the operations of other networks, servers or other infrastructure belonging to Umbler or to others is also not allowed.

Fraud, Phishing and other deceiving practices

You can not access the email accounts in our structure that belong to another user without explicit permission. Do not use our emails to deceive other users or to share information under false pretenses.

Do not practice phishing for user data, such as login information, passwords, financial details, or government identification numbers, or use our emails as part of a scheme to defraud others.

Minors security

Umbler has a zero tolerance policy against images of child sexual abuse. If we are aware of such content being bound to our email accounts, we will inform the responsible authorities as required by law. We may also take disciplinary action, including deletion or suspension of the services.

Respect copyright laws. Do not infringe the intellectual property rights of others, including patents, trademarks, or other proprietary rights. You also do not have permission to encourage or induce others to violate intellectual property rights. You can report copyright infringement to Umbler via


Do not use our emails to harass, intimidate or threaten people. Anyone found using our emails for these purposes will have their account disabled.

Ilegal activity

Follow the law. Do not use our emails to promote, organize or participate in illegal activities.

Execution of policies

Please report abuse and violations by sending an email to Umbler can suspend accounts that are considered to violate these policies. If your account is deactivated and you believe it was by mistake, please contact us by email at or using our chat.