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Configuring additional domains

An additional domain is a functionality that allows website and e-mails to be redirected from a secondary domain to the main domain at Umbler.

First go to the Domain section, then on the tab Additional Domains select Add and inform the domain name (without the www) and click on Save


One option is to simply configure your domain with Umbler's NS (nameservers) following this tutorial.

If you desire to keep your current NS (nameservers) you'll need to create the records explained on the next step.

In order to redirect the website access from the additional domain to the main domain create a Type: A record that points to the main domain's IP address. Also a CNAME record needs to be created with the name:WWW that points to the additional domain's name.

The data for the records can be found in Domain -> DNS Editor on the main domain's section on the Control Panel


In order to redirect e-mail messages sent to the additional domain to the main domain's mail accounts, Umbler's MX records need to be configured on the additional domain DNS table, follow these steps.
If you're still having doubts or diffculties, click here :) and go to the Third party DNS tab

Important: all e-mail accounts cannot send messages, only receive. They'll work as an alias for accounts with the exact same name but created on the main domain.