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Bandwidth & Traffic at Umbler


Bandwidth is the communication capacity of a network. When you use the Internet, you are using bandwidth. Bandwidth is directly related to the transfer speeds of information on the network. A bigger bandwidth means a faster download or upload transfer rate.

Traffic is the maximum monthly amount of data transfer your site can provide. In every visit to your website, images and other information are sent to their computer, this adds up to the final monthly traffic of your website. Yous should never have to worry abou traffic.

Umbler limits for traffic and bandwidth

The monthly limits are defined by turning the bandwidth measured in megabits to terabytes per month of traffic. Protocols like SSH, FTP or GIT don't have their traffic limited.

Reaching the limit doe not mean the blocking of the services, but may resulkt in decresae of the bandwith, resulting in slower transfer rates.

Limitation for NodeJS

20 Mb/s (equivalent to 5 TB of monthly traffic using 80% of the link).